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TV Antenna Installations on the Sunshine Coast.

New TV Antenna Installations

Comsat Technology install TV Antennas to all areas of the Sunshine Coast including, Caloundra, Currimundi, Minyama, Mooloolabah, Maroohcydore, Bli Bli, Coolum, Peregian, Noosa, Tewantin, Cooroy, and Pomona. A new home TV Antenna installation requires a site survey, to find the best location of the TV Antenna to be mounted. This is usually done with the TV Antenna that is to be installed onto the TV Antenna mount.Once a suitable location is found that has the best Digital TV signal for all 5 Digital TV Channel groups. The TV Antenna mount is installed as close to this exact spot if possible, and then the TV Antenna is attached to the TV Antenna mount, and the signal is checked again to make sure the Digital TV signal is the best quality. The TV Antenna is then aligned carefully and fixed to the TV Antenna mount and then all the fittings are terminated and the final signal is then checked at the TV points, just to make sure everything is working.

If the Digital TV signal Quality is good, but the level measured from the TV antenna is reading below the minimum standard signal level required to provide an adequate or stable Digital TV picture, to all of the TV points in the house, then an amplifier may need to be fitted to boost the TV signal level to provide a reliable TV signal to all of the TV points.

The critical part of the installation is getting the best possible Digital TV signal quality for each group of Digital TV Channels.

There is no point mounting the TV antenna in a position where the Digital TV signal quality is not reliable. And the only way you will know if the Digital TV signal is reliable is by testing the signal with a meter that Comsat Technology use.

Anyone can install a TV antenna onto the roof of a house or a block of units, but, Comsat Technology do far more than just mount the TV antenna anywhere on the roof. Comsat Technology test for the best reception by testing different locations on the roof to find the most suitable location for the TV antenna to be located. Making sure the location for the proposed antenna installation is going to receive the best possible Digital TV signal for all the TV groups.

With our Digital TV Service Signal Meters Comsat Technology check each group of Digital Channels to make sure that they are all excellent signal readings and that the readings are also stable, and not fluctuating all over the place when the wind blows, this is when trees affect the Digital TV signal

If the Digital TV signal quality is too low and or is not stable enough then the VAST Satellite Service is the only option if FREE-To-Air-TV is required.


TV Antenna Installation
Digital TV Antenna Installation
Promax Digital TV Antenna Installation Meter
Promax Digital TV Antenna Installation Meter
Promax Digital TV Antenna Installation Meter