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Smart TV, LED, LCD Flat Screen TV Installation and Configuration on the Sunshine Coast.

Comsat Technology provide installation and configuration of smart TV’s to your home Wi-Fi network. The Smart TV label is associated with TV’s that have the ability to connect to the internet and run pre-installed apps, Smart TV's can download new additional apps and store the apps and run the apps like a smart phone. Smart TV’s also allow access to streaming video services like Google Chrome, Netflix and Stan However Smart TV’s are not that smart without an operator, and they definitely cannot make you a cup of coffee. But you can search the internet on how to make a cup of coffee

Smart TV’s operate very similar to your home computer or laptop as far as browsing the internet, or playing movies or video clips on you tube, and watching other streaming services. However they are not a replacement for a laptop or computer yet. Smart TV's are very cumbersome as you have to use the arrow keys to scroll through a keyboard layout on the TV screen and select the letters required to make up the search word. Some smart TV’s do support an optional standard size keyboard and mouse, they can be plugged into the appropriate USB ports that support a keyboard or mouse.

With the advancement in voice recognition, for phones, it will not be too far off before you will be able to operate your TV with your voice, rather than the remote control, and this will make it easier to utilise the apps available for the smart TV's as well. Instead of typing in your youtube search, you just say what you want to search, and the smart TV will hopefully give you the desired result.

If you have an older flat screen TV do not panic, Comsat Technology can turn it into a smart TV by installing either a PVR/DVD recorder, DVD player or Set top box, that can connect to the internet either by wi-fi which is wireless (preferred) or wired which requires a cat5e/6 cable to be installed from the smart device back to the router.

Depending on the location, a wired cat5e/6 connection is far more robust and reliable than wi-fi but wi-fi is a lot easier to install and setup than having to install a cat5e cable from the modem/router back to the smart device.

If you are having problems with a wifi connection there are wifi booster/repeaters available that can help improve the wifi signal to the device. Or a cat5e wired connection maybe required if there is interference upsetting the wifi connection


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Smart TV installation Sunshine Coast
Smart TV installation and configuration on the Sunshine Coast